Dry UV nails

Dry UV nails for the semi-permanent varnish or gel.

Manufacturer: Lysse Cosmetics

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The dryer nail UV is easy to use and allows the semi-permanent varnish or gel to dry quickly.

Just 30 seconds to dry the nails! The varnish resistant in time, until more than 2 weeks, thanks to the UV drying.Your nails are clean and shiny.

It is small to be stored easily.


Dry UV nails for the semi-permanent varnish or UV gel.

Using advice:

Apply special varnish and place the fingers or toes on the set of the dry nails. Maintain slight pressure time for the varnish to dry (according to the Polish, from 30 seconds to 3 minutes).

Just remove his fingers so that the UV lamps are going out.

Do not use this machine with classic paintings.


1 dryer nail UV.