Indemne Domi-No Blackhead Remover

Accessory comedonal

Manufacturer: Indemne

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Domi-No. is an accessory anti-comedon to dislodge black points and white dots in a clean and effective way. It is not recommended to use it to remove the buttons, it could create markings on the face. This tire-Comedo is suitable for men and women and can be transported easily by using his protective jacket. This tire blackheads: Dislodges points blacks and blancsS' uses of clean and targeted way (remember to disinfect) allows to avoid superinfection and the cicatricesEt has a double Tip: one for extraction and one for finishing.

Directions for use:

Clean your skin. Apply this rod on the blackhead and press lightly. Content of the black spot pours into the tire Comedo, clean with alcohol and move to another black point. To dilate pores: fill a bowl with very hot water and add a few drops of purifying essential oil of Tea tree. During about 10 minutes place the face at the top of the bowl with a towel on the face. Water vapour is "sauna" and will allow to open the pores. " Then you just have to remove blackheads using Domi - No.Bien disinfect the Comedo tire before and after each use. Precautions for use: do not use Domi-No white or button but only the black points. Do not use on injured skin or with bleeding. Do not press too hard, it may cause infection or scarring. Do not apply near the eyes or mouth.


Pouch containing a Comedo tire