DoDie lollipop Physiologique Silicone night sheep blue + 18 months P48

Physiological Soother silicone night for children 18 months and older.

Manufacturer: Dodie

SKU: 81341MB


Blue sheep pacifier laboratory Dodie is a physiological Soother silicone for the night. Indeed, it lights up the night to find her if your baby loses. This pacifier is ideal for children because it has been developed specially for them by experts. Its physiological form adapts perfectly to the Palace of the baby. Its ribbed breastshield brings absolute resistance to the arrival of the first teeth. In addition, vent holes and the tritan shield minimizes the risk of irritation and provide one holds in mouth perfect.


Physiological Soother silicone for babies from 18 months and more.

Operating tips:

Sterilize and clean the soother regularly.


1 blue physiological Soother with sheep decor silicone for children from 18 months and +.