DoDie lollipop Physiologique Silicone Blue + 6 months N 35

Physiological Soother silicone 2nd age for + 6 months
Manufacturer: Dodie


SKU 5411050B Dodie lollipop Physiologique Silicone 2nd age no. 35

Properties lollipop 2nd age:

This Soother is very suitable for 2nd age for + 6 months babies because it meets their needs of suction and offers all the comforts of a good lollipop.

Thanks to its physiological it fully respects the shape of the Palace and its fine breastshield in Silicon guarantee proper development of her mouth.

Light shield allows a fit in the mouth and with the ventilation holes avoid all risks of irritation to baby's skin.

Designed with a ring for a maximum of security which ensures easy removal of the soother.

Random colour.

Tips for using lollipop 2nd age:

On first use, dip the teat in boiling water for 5 minutes, then let it cool or cold sterilised.

For each use, well wash the pacifier with warm soapy water then rinse.

Change of lollipop every six weeks.

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