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DoDie Initiation + blue 240ml bottle

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SKU 5443481 DoDie bottle Initiation + blue 240 ml

Properties bottle initiation + 1 age:

Bottle 1 age fits perfectly the infants.

Designed with an Easy Air 3 speeds broadband 2 nipple that fits baby according to his appetite. This Easy Air nipple facilitates feeding of baby with a circulation of air. He can now drink with ease without having to stop. Due to its round shape, the transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding is simpler. Its silicone nipple is soft and supple like a skin of MOM to do not too upset this change.

The bottle + Initiation has a triangular shape so that baby can catch it more easily and a broader base for added stability. His collar is also more flare for ease of cleaning and filling. He is also graduated in order to comply with the milk. Its CAP is designed to prevent leaks when it is in the hands of baby.

This bottle is anti-colique, antieregurgitation, and enti-aerophagia.

Tips for using bottle initiation + 1 age:

Before first use, boil it for 5 minutes. Before each use, wash the bottle in hand and watch the nipple carefully.

Safety precautions are to be taken during sterilisation of the bottle but also during Microwave Heating, you can find them on its box.

All parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

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