Diet gourmet shuffleboard skn bark Orange 12 cookies

Treat yourself a slight break in the subtle scent ofbark Orange with tasty cookies DIET SKN laboratories !

Manufacturer: Siken Form

SKU: 9514232


The shuffleboard Gourmands in the bark of Orange of DIET SKN are hyperprotidiques dietary biscuits, impoverished in carbohydrates and lipids, particularly suitable for systems that require a high protein intake. Case of 112.5 g containing 3 sachets freshness of 5 cookies.


Milk proteins, non hydrogenated palm oil, flour of wheat, sugar, wheat gluten, wheat starch, candied orange peels 3.8% (corn syrup), powdered egg whites, malt of barley, orange natural aroma, powders to raise: diphosphate disodium - acid sodium carbonate - carbonate to ammonium, wheat germ, vitamins: B3, E, B6, B2, B1, B9. Contains gluten, milk and egg. Any traces peanut, fruit hulls, soybean and sesame.