Destination Premium Infusion Mint sweet 20 sachets

infusion soft Mint in sealed individual pouch preserving the active ingredients and delicious flavours.
Manufacturer: Destination Bio


SKU 1108989 destination Premium Infusion Mint sweet 20 sachets


Fresh mint is dried away from light to maintain all its properties. Your bag is carefully dosed leaves freshly cut to offer a rather soothing infusion, without excess of menthol. Crush your mint leaves infused with sugar, you will get the dough to Mint, to keep cool to be always ready to slip into a sauce or green tea unetasse. A beautiful moment of Sun in the heart of winter.

indications Infusion Mint sweet:

Prepare for the day the day your infusions at the rate of a bag per Cup. You can BREW 6 bags in 1.5 L of water, even cold. Drink throughout the day 100 C - 5 min.


Sweet mint *-* from organic farming.