Dermagor Mes Essentiels Moisturising Face Cream 40ml

Moisturises skin, provides relief and immediate comfort to dry skin.
Manufacturer: Dermagor
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Dermagor Mes Essentiels Moisturising Face Cream 40ml effectively hydrates skin, and relieves irritated dry skin.

The hydrating effect is maintained for 8 hours, keeping your skin moisturised during the day.

Suitable especially for skin dried out by harsh beauty treatments and harsh weather conditions, atopic skin, sensitive skin, and skin burned or damaged by sun exposure.

Non comodogenic.


Moisturising face cream suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

Direction for use:

Daily use: Gently apply to skin without massaging it in, instead let the cream be absorbed.

For intensive care: Apply a thick layer and leave for 10 minutes to be absorbed by skin. Wipe away any excess if necessary.


Collagen complex glycosaminoglycans, polyglyceryl methacrylate, marine collagen, glycerine, petroleum jelly oil, preservatives, hypoallergenic tested fragrance, cream gel without surfactants.


40ml tube.