Dermagor Gel Py Zn 200ml


SKU 7598331 Dermagor Gel Py Zn 200 ml


Enriched Pyrithone Zinc assets recognised for its properties bactericidal and fungicidal, this syndet liquid, very soft, cleanse the epidermis:it cleans the skin on a daily basis in order to normalize sebum excessIt prevents the risk of microbial growth: sporting activities, pityriasis versicolor, port of sneakers...real dermatological care for the hygiene of oily skin problems, combination skin gold in addition to dermatological anti-acne treatments.preventive Hygiene of bacterial proliferation during any activity Sports (pityriasis versicolor,... athlete's foot).


UF at 0.75% skin zinc, active agent we microorganisms, PyZn gel, recommended after any sporting activity, limit the bacterial proliferation and ensures a perfect hygiene.the cleansing very sweet, rich in emollients assets base allows a purifying daily hygiene for oily skin with acne or skin mixed.PyZn gel cleanses the epidermis and promotes the elimination of excess sebum.While respecting the hydrolipidic film, it leaves a thin protective film on the skin.Gel cream foaming White Pearl, light and fresh citrus notes.


At syndet to skin zinc for optimal Sanitizer hygieneWithout soap, foaming formula is recommended for the daily hygiene of the face and the body of any family.Formula high rincabilite for tolerance.


Cleaner Sanitizer SOAP-freeface and bodyoily prone SkinAccompaniment and relay of dermatological treatments


Assets :Skin zinc: known for its broad-spectrum antifungal agents and activity on microorganisms, in particular Pityrosporum fufur very often at the origin of the imbalances skin and hair, and its effect, it sanitizes antiseborrheic, cleanse the epidermis and prepared it for care. dealing withderived from coconut oil: assets superfatting, strengthens the hydrolipidic film of the skin.soft cleansing Base, without SOAP: original plant and enriched brightening agents, it cleans and protects the skin on a daily basis, assault, or dry skins weakened.Perfume without allergens: scented Note tested to minimize the risk of sensitization or allergy.


Pouring CAP that preserves the freezing of any outside contact.shake Well before use.For a small amount of gel into the palm of the hand, lather on the face and it the location of the body to treat damp, leave moments and then rinse thoroughly.