Dermagor Erycalm 40ml

soothing care for the reactive, intolerant skin cosmetics classic, fine, blotchy.

Manufacturer: Dermagor



SKU: 4267125 Dermagor Erycalm 40 ml


Soothing for reactive, intolerant skin cosmetic classic, fine, blotchy. This gel-cream, non fat promotes the reconstruction of the hydrolipidic film and strengthens the epidermal. The absence of fragrance, dye and surfactant allows to limit the intolerance reactions


1 40 ml Tubeusing advice:

Apply morning and evening to face and neck dmaquills. In the event of significant irritation, spread the night in thick as a mask, let rest 10 minutes and then remove the excess with a tissue paper.


Vaseline oil, glycerine, oil from apricot kernels, dimethylsilane diol hyaluronate, dimethylsilane diol salicylate, base: soothing cream gel.