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Dermagor Betacade 100ml

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SKU 7745401 Dermagor Betacade 100 ml


Soothing face and body care for irritated and scaly. Care and maintenance of skin psoriasis association of assets with Keratolytic, reducer, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect allows the efficient removal of dander with decreased their training, remediation of the irritated area and regression of inflammation;

The intake of softening agents and humectants provides immediate relief from the application of the product.

Emulsion oil in water non-greasy, smooth texture and fragrance;

"Woody" smell comes exclusively from the essential oils of cedar and cade present in formula. "

Do not use in children under 3 years.


1 tube of 100 ml

directions for use:

Use alternating a corticoïde topically to reduce by half the dose of steroids, thus limiting the risks associated with prolonged described, while retaining the effects expected.Do not use in children under the age of 3 years.To be applied on the areas to be treated by tapping then soft massages to penetrate the product and enable the elimination of dander.


Do not use in children under 36 months.Composition:

Salicylic acid, essential oils of cedar, oil of Vaseline and cade, film-forming Base.

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