Dermaclay shampoo Bio hair blond white hair 250ml

SKU: LCS_0300260


The shampoo bio blond hair, white highlights of Dermaclay helps to restore shine to your hair.

Blond hair, white highlights of Dermaclay organic shampoo is made especially for blond, white, gray hair but also for hair with highlights or scan. This shampoo so lets keep longer shine and reflections to your hair.


White clay: cleans the hair smoothly. Organic Blueberry and the Azulene: restores brightness to the hair by protecting them from the brightness that tarnishes the hair blond, white, gray or highlights. Organic Roman Chamomile: the reflection gives. Spirulina: rich in micronutrients and protein, embellished hair. Organic Lemon: closes the scales. The hair shaft becomes smoother, shinier hair. Organic Rosemary: antioxidant, protects hair from external aggression. Bio balm: invigorating.