Dergam Trioptec 180 capsules

Dietary supplement formulated to combat dry eyes at the people of mature age.

Manufacturer: Dergam



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Dergam Trioptec 60 capsules is a food supplement, helping to combat drought eye for middle-aged people.

Find a complex of specific assets including the EPAX omega3, bilberry, lutein and the zeaxanthin in this product.

DHA and zinc contribute to the maintains normal Visual function. The Blueberry is rich in anti-oxidant and help to maintain the specific functions of the retina. Vitamins C and E, copper, selenium and zinc help protect cells against oxidative stress.

Directions for use:

Take 2 capsules daily, preferably with a meal. Treatment of 3 months, renewable.

Do not exceed the recommended dose. Store in a dry place and away from heat. Keep out the reach of children. Should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Fish oil rich in EPA and DHA (EPAX), oil of evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) to 10.5% of GLA, ascorbic acid, zinc Gluconate, thickener: wax bee, yeast seleniee, free lutein, concentrate of natural tocopherols, Gluconate copper, Coenzyme Q10, extract of Citrus sinensis extract Vaccinium myrtillus, zeaxanthin 20%, Emulsifiant: lecithin of soya, yeast, pyridoxine, vitamin B12, vitamin B6 hydrochloride extract of olive , Fish gelatin, firming: Glycerol, dyes: iron oxides, titanium dioxide.

Inputs for 2 capsules:

EPAX fish oil... 500mgEvening primrose oil... 240mgVitamin C... 80mgCoenzyme Q10... 20mgVitamin e... 12mgZinc... 10mgFree lutein.. 10mgHesperidin (flavonoids)... 10mgAnthocyanosides (Blueberry extract)... 5mgZeaxanthin... 2mgVitamin B6... 1.4 mgCopper... 1 mgHydroxytyrosol (olive extract)... 0.4 mgSelenium... 0.05 mgVitamin B12... 0.0025 mg.


180 capsules.