dBb Remond Trio Conservation red 3 Pots

Lot of 3 Red jars to keep cold, warm up and transporting the food to your child

Manufacturer: dBb Remond

SKU: 7209512


dBb Remond Trio Conservation red 3 Pots allows you to store and transport easily in your child's lunch.

Find in this batch 3 pots for in your child's lunch through to their different sizes. So, you can set the meals your child in some boxes of 190, 300 and 500 ml depending on the age and your baby's appetite.

So you can enjoy the airtight cover to easily transport your child meals wherever you are, without fear of overthrow or leak during the move. In addition, pots are suitable for storage in the refrigerator or freezer as well as resistant to be reheated in the microwave.


3 boxes of conservation to keep the food from your child.

Directions for use:

Before the 1st use and before each use, wash the parts with SOAP and water, rinse with clear water and dry. Do not use detergents aggressive or abrasive pads.

Fill the pot, close it with the lid. Make sure that the lid is sealed before storing in the freezer to the refrigerator or to carry.

Pots warms in the microwave without the lids. Check the temperature of the food before giving it to the child.Use under the supervision of an adult.


3 pots polypropylene BPA.


3 jars of 190, 300 and 500ml.