dBb Remond Pop-Up Anti-UV Baby Tent with Floor Mat

SKU: 7651006


This is an essential summer accessory for the beach or the garden.The floor mat is surmounted by a roof anti-UV with 2 portholes.

Anti-UV roof to protect your child from harmful sun rays. 

Very simple to open, this handy, pop-up anti-UV tent unfolds by itself.

Once folded and stored in its carrier bag, it takes up very little space and is light enough to be taken anywhere.

Recommended Use:

Don't forget to apply sunscreen to protect baby.

Complies with the safety requirements. This tent provides additional protection for your baby but does not exempt him/her from the usual safety guidelines for children for sun exposure. Always remember to apply a high protection sunscreen to protect your child. 


Height: 75cm, Width: 75cm, Height: 43cm.


Taffetas polyester lining and a galvanized steel frame. 


1 anti-UV pop tent.