dBb Remond New Style Electric Steriliser White

White electric sterilizer to sterilize up to 6 bottles and accessories.

Manufacturer: dBb Remond

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dBb Remond sterilizer new style white is an electric machine to sterilize 6 bottles in glass or polypropylene as well as their accessories (teats, caps, Tri, goutillons...) with only 80 ml of water and 10 minutes.The start of the cycle is done by pressing the locking button, the stop of the cycle is done automatically.As soon as the steam settled and cooled, bottles can be used or kept in the fridge until use.


To sterilize up to 6 bottles and accessories.

Directions for use:

Before the first sterilization, spin once vacuum.

Before any sterilisation, ensure that the bottles, nipples, rings and caps are well cleaned with soapy water and rinsed with clear water.Place the appliance on a flat and stable surface out of the reach of children.Fill the tank with 80 ml cold waterPut the items to be sterilized in the unit.Cover with the lid.Check that the device is attached.Press the snap button to start the cycle which will automatically stop 10 minutes later.Let the steam escape from the lid for a few minutes before opening the cover.The bottles will be filled with the systemres and put it in the fridge until ' to use them.The appliance must be cold before you can redo a complete cycle.

Read the operating instructions carefully before handling.


White sterilizer consisting of a lid, a basket for accessories, a bottom basket, a cell to bottles and a hot tub.


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