dBb Remond Multichef Robot 5 in 1 green and white

Robot multichef 5 in 1 sterilizer, Blender, chopper, cooker, also allowing to reheat and defrost baby dishes.

Manufacturer: dBb Remond

SKU: 7205005


dBb Remond Multichef Robot 5 in 1 white and green is the ideal robot to prepare all meals and all the snacks of the child.

This product of the technical expertise of the laboratory dBb Remond, has several operating modes, many accessories and a digital control panel for quick and easy use.

  • SterilizationTo make hygienic feeding bottles, soothers and accessories.
  • CookingTo cook 500g of food in the steam.
  • The mixerTo chop 400g of food.
  • The heaterTo heat all sizes of bottles at 38 ° as well as all the small pots.
  • DefrostingTo thaw food or bottles of 30 ml.

The digital control panel allows you to easily control various options. It allows to program automatic shut down of the current action with beep end cycle.

This robot will simplify the preparation of baby meals.


Robot multichef to sterilize, Cook, mix, chop, reheat and defrost; for the preparation of dishes for children.

Directions for use:

Cook with the vapor:Put the pieces to cook in the main basket.Set the cooking time (30 minutes max).2 powers of cooking.

Mix and chop:Put food chopping in the Bowl handle.2 speeds.5 cycles of 13 seconds, interspersed with 2 seconds off.

Sterilize:Sterilization time between 6 and 30 min.Sterilize all sizes of bottles, soothers and accessories.

Heat / defrost:Heat all sizes of bottles at 38 ° C and small pots.Defrost bottles of 30 ml 330 ml or any other food.

Read carefully the instructions provided inside before use.


Robot with digital control panel, drawer accessories, water tank gauge, knife, Bowl handle, cord storage and spoon and tongs.


Robot Multichef 5 in 1 with accessories.