dBb Remond New Style bottle warmer

new style bottle warmer dBb Rmond, heats the meal of baby in 3 minutes.

Manufacturer: dBb Remond

SKU: 4796852 dBb Remond New Style bottle warmer

Properties : the dBb Remond laboratory specialises in the comfort of your baby and you makes life easier. Always at the forefront of innovation, it offers the best in your child. baby is hungry, he gets impatient, dBb Rmond has designed electric bottle warmer New Style, it heats bottles and jars of your child in 3 minutes chrono.

signs New Style bottle warmer:

  • Fast: 37 to 42 temperature in 3 minutes.

  • Beep will alert you at the end of the heating cycle.

  • Auto stop.

  • Button.

  • Luminous dial.

  • Under base cord storage.

  • Colour: turquoise