dBb Remond 290 turquoise Butterfly ml glass bottle

DBB remond 290 turquoise Butterfly ml glass bottle Learn more
Manufacturer: dBb Remond
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SKU 7108049 DBB Remond bottle glass 290 Ml Turquoise Butterfly


The bottle glass dBb REMOND, the bottles in solid glass for toddlers from 6 months.

Setting turquoise Butterfly

Laboratory RMOND has designed products of childcare for all ages from babies of the pacifier to the meal for the harmonious development and for the enjoyment of moms.

Her pacifier control 2nd age silicone soft and flexible variable rate allows to change the flow of the milk during feeding to fit the appetite of baby.

It has 15 regulators air which allow you to decrease the suffocation, indigestion and colic

The bottle neutral glass borosilicate is very resistant to mechanical and thermal level.

It will not flee through its leak Cap.

Can be sterilized in the microwave or steam of water at 125 C sterilizer.

Classic cylindrical shape allows children and moms to keep easily.

Its 30ml 30ml graduations facilitate the formula measures.

directions for use:

Wash the bottle before the 1st use and after each use.: 290ml Butterfly Turquoise bottle


Bottle in neutral glass borosilicate Bisphenol free silicone nipple has

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