dBb Remond plate smile pink 4 + months

SKU: 4797194 dBb Remond plate smile Rose 4 + months

A leave of 4 months, the infant feeding diversifies. They still drink bottle but start eating more solid foods. Need them therefore suitable containers.


Brand dBb Rmond is the reference in the world of childcare.

She has designed for babies from 4 months, cutlery adapted to these infants.

The plate smile pink has 4 valuable benefits for baby's comfort:

  • a shape tilted forward in order to better recover food,

  • a non-slip base for proper bonding to the table,

  • an opening for the exhaust of steam,

  • inlays on the edge of the plate to allow the baby to develop his sense touch.

In addition, the cutlery provided are ergonomic. They do not slide. The baby can catch full hand without falling.

The baby eats well and comfort.

Tips for using dBb Remond plate smile Rose:

Before first use and before each use, wash all parts in hot water.

Fill the plate with the baby meal. If the meal must be heated, the plate can pass the microwave.


This product can be washed in the dishwasher programme 55 .