Cystine B6 Lotion hair 2 x 60ml


SKU 9758968 cystine B6 Lotion fall of hair 2 x 60 ml

Overview :
fall of chronic hair (with hereditary predisposition) or occasional seasonal variations, a suite of pregnancy, a stress-related fatigue, a dietary imbalance... Is suitable for men and women.

operating tips :
* apply 2 ml (= 14 sprays) CYSTINE B6 lotion fall once a day, preferably the evening, 6 weeks throughout the dry scalp, followed by 2 ml (= 14 sprays) 3 times weekly for 6 weeks.
good massage to get the product. Do not rinse.
the treatment should be continued 3 months.
An allows 3 months of treatment.
* To optimize the effectiveness of the treatment, it is recommended to use jointly 3 times per week CYSTINE B6 Shampoo fall.

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