Conceive more lubricant Gel 75ml respondent fertility

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More lubricant conceive of fertility

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Discover Conceive Sasmar more !

More than Sasmar conceive is a scientifically proven, harmless gel for sperm, specially developed to create a favourable environment and let you design. Conceive Plus™ is balanced pH and electrolyte in order to imitate the own fluids of the human body.

More than Sasmar conceive is also the only lubricant to include ions calciums and magnesium, elements present in all essential and organic fluids for cell viability and the fertility process.

Without harmful inhibitors such as ethylene, More than Sasmar Conceive acid contains no sugars that can potentially interfere with your fertility.

Its development, only to increase the chances of conceiving, helps to maintain and to promote vitality and mobility of sperm.



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A. Helen
  the 19/04/2019
5/ 5
Seems like a good product