Comodynes Grape Lip Scrub 15g

Gentle lip scrub to remove small bits of dead skin and restore softness and hydration to your lips. Delightful fruity grape taste.
Manufacturer: Comodynes
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SKU 6020369


The Comodynes Grape Lip Scrub 15g is the perfect size product to carry around with you wherever you are.

The cold weather dries out lips, causing them to split and become chapped. This lip scrub replumps lips and stops them from drying out - a case which often occurs through winter. During winter, we often forget about our lips. Its very gentle exfoliating action with natural sugar crystals removes dead skin cells. Therefore, this treatment is the perfect product as it can be carried around wherever you go; you can see results after one simple application!

Being in a compact container, you can keep it with you, even all-year-round if you wish, to moisturise and treat your lips whenever necessary.

With a delightful fruity taste, this lip scrub will leave your lips silky-soft and renewed. The grape taste means it is pleasant to apply, and leaves a longlasting bright and fruity taste. Its also got a deep hydrating action, to soften, soothe and provide longlasting moisture. The application is very simple and provides immediate, optimal and longlasting results.

Comodynes have got a wide range of products to purify skin, for those beauty essentials and gentle cleansers  take a look here!


Dermatologically tested. Paraben-free.

Recommended Use:

Take a small dab of the lip scrub and apply on the lips. Apply evenly over lips. Do not swallow.

Apply on lips, and gently rub in light motions. Wash off with clean, lukewarm water.


Lip scrub with sugar crystals.


15g lip scrub.

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