Comodynes Energy Mask Anti-Fatigue 5 sachets

Mask conditioner, firming and toning with vitamin C for tired skin.
Manufacturer: Comodynes


SKU 4938220

Comodynes Energy Mask Anti-Fatigue 5 sachets


Energy Mask Anti-Fatigue is a mask vitamin C conditioner, firming and toning. Extracts of plants is an intensive treatment for skin asphyxiees by the changes of season, stress, fatigue or lack of sleep.The skin is revitalized, signs of fatigue are reduced, it is smooth and breathe. Vitamin C improves tone the skin and protects her radical free products by the smoke, the Sun and pollution.

Comodynes Energy Mask Anti-Fatigue operating tips:

Apply once a week on skin clean and dry. Leave to act for 10 minutes and remove surplus.