Coloplast Biatain Alginate Plasters 3x44cm 10 units

Sterile, soft and malleable alginate-based dressing for the drainage of all exuding deep wounds. 

Manufacturer: Coloplast Pansements



SKU: 7828802


Sterile, soft and malleable alginate-based dressing for the bleeding of all exuding deep wounds.

Identical model to the amivia model: change of name only. The wick design ensures a high level of absorption.

Wick combining calcium alginate fibres and carboxymethylcellulose fibres.

Flece and cottony appearance with a very supple texture that is soft to the touch.

Can be applied in cavity wounds without risk of traumatising the wound surface and neo-formed tissue. On contact with exudates, the wick instantly absorbs liquids and forms a gel by ion exchange between the calcium contained in the dressing and the sodium of the exudates. It is necessary to cover the wick with a secondary dressing. It is easily removed by rinsing with saline.


Dimensions: 3cm x 44cm

Colour: ivory white.


sterile unit in individual bags, box of 10.