Clément Thékan Perfikan Very Large Dogs 40-60kg 4 Pipettes

Solution for very large dogs against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

Manufacturer: Clément Thékan

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This is an external parasite treatment for very large dogs. This direct application type of treatment, containing friponil and permethrin is effective against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and sandflies. Ideal for very large dogs weighing 40kg to 60kg. Your dog will be free of parasites for 4 weeks.


Antiparasite solution for dogs weighing 40kg to 60kg.

Recommended Use:

Take out the pipette from the thermoformed plastic. Hold the pipette in an upright position. Tap the narrow part of the pipette to ensure that the content has flowed to the bottom of the central part of the pipette. Break the auto-seal indicated with the etched lines. Spread out your dogs fur until the skin is clearly visible. Place the nozzle of the pipette directly on the skin exposed. Apply the solution against the natural direction of your dog's coat, working from their shoulders down to the tail. Gently squeeze the central part of the pipette several times to release the solution content.

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Fipronil 402.6mg, Permethrin 3597.0mg, Butylhydroxyanisol (E320) 1.32mg, Butylhydroxytoluène (E321) 0.66mg, Yellowish Solution, Benzylic Alcohol, Diethylene Glycol Ether Monoethyl.


Box of 2 packets of 2 pipettes 0.44ml.