Clément Thékan Milprazikan Wormer Chat 2 tablets

Wormer to treat mixed infestations of flat and round worms on cats.

Manufacturer: Clément Thékan

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Clement Thekan laboratory specializes in the care of the animals. It has developed specially for the welfare of cats vermifuge Milprazikan. Film-coated tablets this Wormer will treat mixed infestations by cestodes, flatworms and nematodes, roundworms, of your cat more than 2 kg. In addition, for quick administration, these tablets are flavored meat.

Your cat will be in better shape and hygiene will thus be impeccable.


Treatment of worms to cats of more than 2kg.

Operating tips:

Depending on the weight of your pet, administer the product orally, during or after the meal.

For cats 2 to 4 kg: 1/2 tablet.

For cats from 4 to 8 kg: 1 compressed.

For cats 8 to 12 kg: 1 + 1 / 2 tablet.


Milbemycin oxime: 16,000 mg Praziquantel: 40,000 mg red iron oxide (E 172): 0.288 mg Excipient QSP 1 compressed film scored 132.5 mg.


Box of 2 tablets.