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Clément Thékan Home Insecticide Spray and Fogger 200ml 2 x 200ml

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The Clément Thékan Home Insecticide Spray has been specially designed to fight against external parasites, such as fleas (adults and larvae), lice, ticks, bedbugs, mites and scabies. It protects you from a parasite infestation for around 6 months. This automatic diffusion can protect a surface area of 50m2 and immediately releases active ingredients in around 3 minutes.


Insecticide spray for the home. Gets rid of fleas, lice, ticks, bedbugs, mites and scabies.

Recommended Use:

Read the instructions carefully before use. To be used only in manual diffusion, diretly on the objects affected or in an automatic diffusion (fogger position) to cover a room. Do not use on animals.

For other treatments for your pet, we recommend you see the full Clément products range.


For 1kg of solution: 2,2-dimethyl-3-(2-methylprop-1-enyl), Cyclopropane Carboxylate De Alpha-cyano-3-phenoxybenzyle, Cyphenothrin 1.65g. Imiprothrin 0.30g, Pyriproxyfen 0.09g. Gas Propulsor: Propane Butane, Aerosol.


2 sprays x 200ml.

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