Clément Thékan Fiprokil Duo Anti-Parasite Pipettes for Dogs 20-40kg x 4

Pipettes to prevent flea and tick infestations for large dogs.

Manufacturer: Clément Thékan



SKU: 9022666


The Clément Thékan Fiprokil Duo Dogs 20-40kg is a treatment for large dogs to fight off ticks and fleas and prevent infestations. With a formula based on fipronil and pyriproxyfen it prevents their early growth and development.

These pipettes treat the infestations of fleas, as one application is effective for 7 weeks. It therefore stops the multiplication of fleas for 12 weeks following this application and development of their eggs into adult fleas.

This treatment also treats tick infestations for 2 weeks.


External antiparasite treatment for dogs weighing 20 to 40kg.

Recommended Use:

Apply 1 pipette per animal directly on the skin.

For other treatments for your pet, we recommend you see the full Clément products range.


Fipronil 268mg, Pyriproxyfen 80.4mg.


1 box of 4 pipettes of 2.68ml.