Clément Thékan Eye Care for Dogs and Cats 100ml

Disinfectant, astringent and soothing preparation.

Manufacturer: Clément Thékan

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Perfectly cleans the eye and its surrounding area. Removes dust, crusting and secretions which can cause irritation for your pet.


Eye care to cleanse your pet's eyes. Suitable for dogs and cats.

Recommended Use:

Dab the eye with a compress pad soaked in this solution, then wipe gently with care to not scare the animal. Repeat until the eye and its surround area is clean, with a fresh, healthy look. Repeat the application twice a week. Do not swallow.

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Water Flower Matricaria Chamomilla 3g, Water Floral Hamamelis 2g, Boric Acid 2g, Conservatives, Excipients 100ml.


1 x 100ml solution.