Clément Thékan Dentifrice for dogs chewable tablets 20

Toothpaste for dogs chewable
Manufacturer: Clément Thékan


SKU 7320877

toothpaste for dogs chewable tablets 20 Clment

toothpaste chewable Clement-Thekan is composed of scored tablets. True antibacterial toothpaste with fluoride, it allows to limit the formation of plaque and Tartar. Excipient palatable to the abrasive properties, it please the dog and is easy to give.

it allows to stop the bad breath of the dogs and is essential for improved hygiene oral dogs and puppies

Na Fluoride, chlorhexidine acetate, glycamil, excipient qsp a tablet.

route of administration: oral.
-dog of less than 5 Kg: 1/2 tablet daily.
-dog from 5 to 20 Kg : 1 tablet per day.
-dog over 20 Kg: 2 tablets per day.
use during 20 days the first time, then 1 day on 2.

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