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ClearBlue Fertility Monitor

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SKU 9649794 ClearBlue Fertility Monitor

Properties: Clearblue Fertility Monitor (monitor of fertility) is the most advanced that you can use at home to maximise your chances of getting pregnant. Recent research revealed that the Clearblue fertility monitor increases the chance of conceiving a child by 89% during the first two cycles of use. most home ovulation tests tell you 2 days of maximum fertility during your cycle, because they detect the sudden surge of luteinizing hormone (LH) which causes ovulation. The Clearblue fertility monitor is a unique device because it detects 2 hormones and typically determines up to 6 days of fertility in your cycle. it shows not only your two days of maximum fertility, but also one to five additional days of fertility high prior to the period of maximum fertility in most women. So you have good chances of becoming pregnant if you love during this entire period since sperm can survive for several days in your organization. Clearblue Fertility Monitor records data about your hormonal behavior and customizes its operation.

  • there are the days of your cycle and shows you the days where you have to do a test.
  • tells you your rate of fertility (low, high, or maximum).
  • it tells you even your next menstruation, allowing you to prepare you for the next cycle, or if you find that your rules are overdue, to do a pregnancy test.
  • it offers a natural, non-invasive and easy to use method.

operating tips: Clearblue Fertility Monitor includes the test sticks and a monitor to hand; you just have to do a urine test each time the device will indicate during a cycle. The disposable test sticks are used to collect the hormones contained in a sample of the first urine in the morning. Monitor analyzes the stick-test, interprets your hormonal levels and clearly indicates your level of fertility (low, high, or maximum) in the 24 hours following. when the monitor asks you to do a test, remove a test stick from its protective envelope and use it immediately. To take a urine sample, orient the absorbent end of the stick down and hold in the stream of urine for only three seconds. You can also collect a urine sample in a clean and dry container and immerse the absorbent end of the stick for 15 seconds. It is important to take the first urine in the morning, because its hormone concentration is maximum. These instructions are abbreviated. Before a test, you must always read the leaflet inside the box. Clearblue Fertility Monitor packaging: * 1 fertility Clearblue monitor * requires separately Clearblue Fertility Monitor test sticks

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