ClearBlue Early Detection Pregnancy Test

Early detection pregnancy test, providing results 6 days before your missed period. 

Manufacturer: Clearblue

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The ClearBlue Early Detection Pregnancy Test allows you to know whether you are pregnant 5 days before the expected start of your period.

It is more than 99% reliable from the presumed date of your period thanks to its hypersensitivity.

Its ergonomic shape makes it easier to use and easily read the results of the test.


ClearBlue pregnancy test. 

Directions for use

When you are ready to perform the test, open the protective pouch, remove the test stick and remove the cap.
Read the operating instructions carefully before performing the test.
Note: It is advisable to do the test in the morning, on an empty stomach (indeed, if you are pregnant, the level of chorionic gonadotropin hormone is higher when you wake up). 


1 x pregnancy test        


1 x pregnancy test