Cattier Superfine Green Clay 3kg

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Thanks to its many properties, the clay green Superfine can be used for its multiple benefits.

Manufacturer: Cattier

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Clay Cattier, selected and packaged with the utmost care, is of unparalleled quality. It is extracted in France, for environments preserved from any pollution. By its multiple benefits, the Cattier clay is the daily ally of a healthy life in harmony with nature

Cattier is one of the most appreciated label for beauty and healthcare products. It creates a great amounts of special treatments for your body which can be used by people with different kind of skins

Directions for Use:

Preparation of the paste of clay pour the desired quantity of white clay in a container in glass or wood. Add a volume of water (if possible, the spring water) in order to fully immerse the clay. Leave about half an hour and then stir with a non-metallic spatula to obtain a smooth dough. APPLICATIONS beauty masks apply the paste of clay in a thick layer on the face and neck avoiding eyes and lips contour. Let stand about 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water, dry and complete care with a moisturizer poultices put the paste of clay on a natural textile. Spread the clay with a wooden spoon to a thickness of 2 to 3 centimetres. Ask the poultice leaving the clay in direct contact with the skin and keep it (loosely) with a bandage. If the poultice is to be applied on an irritated area, interpose a light gauze between the clay and the skin. To remove, remove a maximum of clay, if necessary by wetting, then rinse skin with warm water and dry.


Thanks to its many properties, the clay green Superfine can be used for its multiple benefits. 




1 Box for 3 kg. 



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A. Anonymous
  the 22/11/2016
5/ 5
Good quality clay. Dissolves very quickly.