Cattier Crushed Green Clay 3kg

Thanks to its many properties the clay green crushed can be used for its multiple benefits.

Manufacturer: Cattier

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SKU: 7567773 Cattier crushed Green Clay 3 kg


Green Clay selected by Cattier has chosen for its unparalleled quality. Its properties have been extolled by the action of the Sun.

directions for use:

PREPARATION of the paste of clay pour the desired quantity of white clay in a container in glass or wood. Add a volume of water (if possible, the spring water) in order to fully immerse the clay. Leave about half an hour and then stir with a non-metallic spatula to obtain a smooth dough. APPLICATIONS beauty masks apply the paste of clay in a thick layer on the face and neck avoiding eyes and lips contour. Let stand about 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water, dry and complete care with a moisturizer. Poultices have clay paste on a natural textile. Spread the clay with a wooden spoon to a thickness of 2 to 3 centimetres. Ask the poultice leaving the clay in direct contact with the skin and keep it (loosely) with a bandage. If the poultice is to be applied on an irritated area, interpose a light gauze between the clay and the skin. To remove, remove a maximum of clay, if necessary by wetting, then rinse skin with warm water and dry.