Casmara BodyArt-F Cream firming body lotion 200ml cream

Reduce skin sagging, reshape the body, and to restore a harmonious and pleasant silhouette.
Manufacturer: Casmara
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SKU 1036701


Casmara BodyArt - F Cream 200 ml is applied to the body to reduce skin sagging, reshape the body, and give a smooth silhouette and pleasant.

-the dermochorella activates collagen synthesis, firms the skin and mask vascular imperfections because it acts on the epidermal function, and restructures the skin.
-the hydroxyprolisilane acts on the fibres of support of the epidermis by preventing the appearance of stretch marks.
-the AAG2 derived from vitamin C, protects the photo aging.

the skin is firmer and more elastic.



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