Canys Dog Ultra-Soft Shampoo 200ml

Ultra-soft shampoo to give your dog a soft and shiny coat.

Manufacturer: Canys

SKU: 4896559


Ultra-soft shampoo from Canys to give your dog a vibrantly shiny and soft coat. 

Its fresh ultra-cleansing base with oat extracts create a rich, creamy lather. It is perfect for the most delicate of skin types.

Furthermore, its conditioner complex facilitates untangling of wet or dry hair.

It also has sweet orange essential oil to deliver an invigorating action and give a pleasant fragrance to your dog's coat.Discover more Canys care products here!


Canys' dog range offers cleansing and care products for your dog or puppy.

This ultra-soft shampoo is suitable for:

  • All types of hair,

  • Fragile and delicate skin types for dogs and puppies,

  • Frequent and regular use.

Recommended Use:

Apply a small amount of shampoo on the your pet's coat. Massage carefully to properly distribute the foam and emulsify the dirt.

Rinse under lukewarm water.

Repeat a second time if necessary.

Wipe and immediately comb and dry the coat. 


Peach extract, Sweet orange essential oil extract, Ultra-sweet oat protein base,Excipient of dermophile (pH neutre).


200ml container.