Canys Outdoor Pipi Repellant for Dogs and Cats 500ml

repellent outdoor dog cat to protect the fronts of buildings, facades or the wheels.

Manufacturer: Canys

SKU: 6642656

Canys dog cat stop the Pipis repellent exterior 500ml

Laboratory Canys develops your pet products dermatological, pest control, repellents, for nutrition and toilet.


Dog cat Hygiene and comfort range offers products for the health and education of your pet.

Dog and cat stop the Pipis is a repellent exterior indicated for:

  • repel dogs and cats,

  • protect the storefronts, the facades of buildings or envore the wheels of vehicles.


Dogs and cats take bad habits and stain surfaces which must remain clean. So the repellent exterior, liquid and colourless sour form of fast action spray, used to repel dogs and cats so that they do not contaminate these surfaces.

This is a non-toxic product that applies on all surfaces to protect.

dog cat stop the Pipis operating tips:

Spray on the places to protect.

Renew sprays every 2 to 3 days about until the dogs and cats mess over these surfaces.