Canys Cat & Dog Anti-Knot Detangling Mousse 150ml

Detangling foam to get out really thick knots in cat and dog fur.
Manufacturer: Canys


SKU 4582720


This detangling mousse is to help you groom your dog. The detangling mousse with dermatological agents, is an antiparasite, repellent for the nutrition and hygiene of your pet.

It is aimed for:

  • Long cat and dog fur

  • Thick coat, that are often difficult to untangle

  • Tight knots


This detangling foam conditioner helps to the untangle particularly thick fur. It helps you remove thick knots that cannot be untangled with a normal grooming brush.

Enriched with vitamin F, this foam brings flexibility and shine to your pet's hair.

Recommended Use:

Shake well before use.

Spray the foam 20cm away from the fur. Then,  massage the product into the knots so the product works deeper into fur.

Leave for a few minutes then untangle with a comb or brush.

If necessary, repply a second time for really stubborn knots.

Do not rinse off

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Agents Conditionneurs, Auto-Émulsionnant, Vitamine F, Base Dermophile.


1 x 150ml mousse spray.