Canys Interior Repellent for Dogs and Cats 150ml

Protect the home environment from cat and dog mess.

Manufacturer: Canys



SKU: 6514384


This spray deters your pets from leaving mess inside the house, to protect the home and interior environments from being spoiled.

It focuses on:

  • protecting homely environments from cat and dog mess

  • protecting your plant pots from mess

  • protect surfaces such as carpets and floors etc...

  • protect your furniture, the sofe and curtains etc...


This interior repellent keeps cats and dogs away from spoiling the home environments that are most important to you: carpets, rugs, curtains, fabrics, plants, furniture, on garbage bags etc.

Its also a great tool to help you train your cat/dog to have good habits.

Its smell does not cause any discomfort to humans.

Recommended Use:

Shake well before use.

Spray 15cm away from the object for maximal effectiveness.

This repellent remains active for 12 to 48 hours following application.

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Repellent Fragrant Composition, Excipient Non-Fat Volatile, Propellent.


1 x 150ml can.