Candide Morpho Clive 30° Cote Wedge

Ergonomic and convertible memory foam wedge to help keep the airways as open as possible.    

Manufacturer: Candide

SKU: LCS_2637802


The Candide Morpho Clive 30° Cote Wedge from Candide is a creation to improve the wellbeing of newborns to the age of 6 months weighing less than 9kg helping with breathing and digestive troubles. 

The bed is covered with a special memory padding with a movable seat to reinforce support. In case of light snoring or a blocked nose, the angle of the slope of the wedge helps babies to breathe easier. It can also soothe and calm a baby suffering from vomiting.The multi-position ajustable belt jacket integrated in the Morpho Clive 30°  allows to maintain the child secure according to their size and is thus suitable for small newborns to large six month olds.Also, it gives your baby an upward view of the world allowing friends and family to engage with your little loved one and allowing them to discover the world they are growing in to!

Dimensions: 55 x 63 x 30 cm. Adapted for beds/cots measuring 60cm x 120cm and 70cm x 140cm.See more excellent products from Candide's range here.


Comfortable wedge to support your child either in family spaces or in the bedroom. Assists babies with breathing and/ or digestive troubles.

Recommended Use:

Secure child using the belt to keep them upright. Do not secure overly tight.


Fabric 1: 48% coton / 52% polyester Fabric 2 and 3: 100% coton Fabric 4 sponge: 80% coton / 20% polyester Fabric 5 : 100% polyester Stuffing: Padding 100% polyurethane and cotton 100% polyester


1 baby support wedge.