Buddy Set 3 thermometers (flexible) nipple and bath

Kit of 3 thermometers practical and complementary.

Manufacturer: Buddy

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The set 3 thermometers Buddy includes 3 practical and complementary, thermometers suitable for all situations.

Thermosoft digital thermometer has a flexible tip special child and allows a temperature in 10 seconds, for a better comfort.

The duo bath thermometer and ambient allows you to control the temperature of the bath to the nearest degree in seconds, as well as the room. Its ergonomic and playful bear form will make a perfect Playmate. It has an alert light from 39 ° C, so that baby can enjoy a bath at perfect temperature.

The orthodontic pacifier thermometer offers a practical and hygienic use. It turns out be an effective and convenient alternative to conventional thermometers sometimes binding for the child.

The set 3 thermometers Buddy is thus a true ally of parents on a daily basis.