Brush Massage face & body 5 tips

SKU: 6028954


Brush massage body & face with 5 nozzles cleans, exfoliates and mass skin.

Thanks to its 5 tips, it can be used on the entire body and face and offers different actions.The brush contains:

  • 1 tip foam face.
  • 1 nozzle small pimples for vigorous and stimulating massages.
  • 1 tip to average pimple for gentle massages.
  • 1 tip big pimples for massages more in depth.
  • 1 tip cone for areas like the Arch of the foot.

It is possible to set the speed to choose the intensity of the massage. It makes the skin firmer and softer.


Brush massage for the body and face, for normal skin.

Using advice:

Choose the massage nozzle and attach it on the brush. Press start and adjust the speed. Perform circular massages on the desired location.

For the face, apply the cream on the applicator sponge and perform the massage.

Clean all the accessories with soapy water.Attention, do not use the product to dry or sensitive skin. Do not use in the shower.


1 brush + 5 massage tips.