Braun series 3 Shaver electric 320 s-4

razor electric offering a shave dry or under water.
Manufacturer: Braun
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SKU 2050456 Braun series 3 Shaver electric 320 s - 4


A precise and comfortable shave daily. this razor electric rechargeable wireless is equipped with a head of close shave for a shave, even in the most difficult areas. it has a triple shaving system: the first grid shave short hairs, the integrated cutting unit shortens the long hairs that are clipped by the second grid. block knives to the tapered shape provides optimal efficiency and reduces passages on the skin. 3 LEDs indicate the current load, low load and the replacement of the cassette

  • it is washable under water for perfect hygiene.
  • A trimmer allows you to shave your legs.