Boho Green Revolution Eye Pencil 02 Blue

SKU: 2017045


This blue eye pencil apply very easily to highlight your eye contour. Take it out with you wherever you go, it's there whenever you need it!


This eye pencil, certified as organic by Cosmebio is easy to apply and allow for precise drawing around the eye contour.

Recommended Use:

The Bio pencil is to be applied on eyes only, either on the inside of the eye line or around the eye contour. This pencil can be used on the underside of the eye or on the upper lid for a stronger look.

Apply every day, or touch-up throughout the day if necessary.

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Based on beeswax, shea butter, vitamin E, castor oil, rice, 100% natural origin and up to 23% organic content, paraben-free, no phenoxyethanol, no PEG, no artificial petrochemical extracts.


1 x Pencil.