Boho Green Revolution 10 Nail Base

Nail base polish to protect your nails.
Manufacturer: Boho
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SKU 2017177


This nail base polish has outstanding results. It holds extremely well and helps protect your nails. There are no harmful chemicals contents. This base for nails, up to 86% of natural origin, is rich in silicone and also contains a UV filter to protect nails with a glossy finish, certified PEFC. It leaves an ultra-shiny finish and very quickly dries.


Also certified for vegans.

Recommended Use:

Clean your nails then apply the protective nail base.

Only apply the protective nail base after nails have been cleaned.

To keep your nails healthy and moisturised, we recommend the Talika Nail Serum 1.8ml.


Enriched silicon, formulated with ingredients up to 86% of natural origin. Contents first natural bio-sourced from cotton, wool, potatoes, corn, wheat and cassava.


1 x Nail base.

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