Bodyguard Silicone Earplugs 6 units


SKU: 7201693


Bodyguard Silicone Earplugs are anti-allergic, for use when swimming and showering.

Can also be used for noise protection and sleep.  

They are malleable and create a tight seal by conforming to the shape of the ear canal.
They fit all adult and child ears. 


Soundproofing, protection against water (shower, bath, sport: swimming). 

Directions for use

Knead the silicone plug between your fingers to give it an elongated shape and insert it into the ear. After a few moments, the plug will take shape again, adapting to the anatomy of the ear canal.  

To be used from the age of 4 onwards in children, but never cut the plug.  

Washable in warm soapy water, reusable (it is however advised to change the box once a month).




6 earplugs