It's summertime! Swimwear, sun, sand and the sea... take care to mind your hair while you unwind this summer! Stay looking your best and take our advice to protect, repair and make your hair stand out this season. Prepare yourself to be the beach beauty this summer!

Discover our 3 essential steps to protect and care for your luscious locks to get that goddess-like hair this summer.

1 - Protect Your Hair!

Protégez vos cheveux

Remember that if your skin doesn't handle UV rays that well, then your hair doesn't take too kindly to it either! These rays actually make your hair fibres porous and effectively dry them out and damage your main hair constituant, keratine. As a result, your hair becomes more sensitive and can't repair itself.

Salt and chlorine also dry out your hair, and since a shower cap isn't exactly beach couture, it's important to have your own ritual prep as well as the right adapted suncare so you don't end up with dreaded 'straw' hair at the end of summer. These treatments form a screen to protect your shine and keep your hair from getting dehydrated thanks to their special UV filters.

Our Advice:

Our Extra Tip:

If you have dry and brittle hair, you should try a more oily treatment to hydrate and protect your hair.

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Uriage Bariésun Dry Oil SPF50+ 200ml

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Very high protection dry oil for sensitive skin against UVA and UVB rays.


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Uriage Bariésun Dry Oil SPF30 200ml

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Dry oil protection for sensitive skin against UVA and UVB rays.


2 - Repair Your Hair

Réparez vos cheveux

After a lazy leisurely day, treat your hair with after-sun shampoo with gorgeous sunny fragrances to prolong that wonderful summer feeling. These shampoos nourish your hair and remove UV filter residues like salt and chlorine thanks to their non-sulphate, monoi oil or calendula oil formula to clean your hair without drying it out.

After washing your hair, don't forget about our suncare ritual - an after-sun reparative treatment mask.

It repairs and nourishes your hair from the root to the tip.

For best results, follow these steps for application:

  • • After your shampoo wash, apply the mask to your dried hair.
  • • Ensure that your hair is untangled.
  • • Leave the mask on, wrapped in a warm towel for 15 to 30 minutes, according to your hair type.
  • • Rince thoroughly with water to close your hair cuticles and give your hair a radiant shine.

Take the time to care for your hair and relax while it repairs!

Our Extra Tip:

For best results, leave you shampoo to rest for 1 to 2 minutes, massage to relax your scalp and activate micro circulation.

3 - Beach Styling

Looks de plage

To continue to shine from the beach to the city and keep your beach hair beauty for longer, have a look at our summer style treatments.

In the beginning, the sun and salty air give your hair a beautiful, bright and golden radiance. What is happening is that salt is slightly acidic and tends to open up your hair cuticles, making them lighter.

To get the best result, discover our lightening sprays with camomile, lemon and honey. These actives are natural lighteners thanks to their pigment or peroxide content.

Honey is also an excellent remedy for dry hair. Your hair will become brighter with sparkling highlights!

Our Tip: Apply the spray along alternating streaks of hair for different blonde tones for a natural look.

Hop aboard to ride the latest trend this season. Make your hair wavy this summer for the best beach look!

For that wavy look, give your hair some texture with salt or salty water (for that beachy feel), boiling water and vegetal oil (argan, coconut etc.) to nourish your hair. Spray a mix of these along your wet hair and twist strips of your hair together. For a more fierce styling, tousle your hair about with your fingers. There's nothing like a bit of bargain DIY beauty!

You can also use wet-look sprays for that out-of-the-shower sporty and sophisticated look.

Our Tip: To keep your hair in check at the beach, plaits are now back in style and will accentuate your flowing waves while avoiding that whole detangling ordeal.

Lastly, to show off and make your hair really shine, use non-rinse oils every morning or after brushing.

Oils are composed of fatty acids giving them nourishing and radiant properties. They also relax and protect your hair.

Our Tip:

Apply monoi oil once per week to rehydrate your hair from the root to the tip.

Have a nice summer!