Théa Blephagel 30g

SKU: 5204026


Paraben, fragrance-free, non-greasy gel to properly and effectively your eyelids and lashes from mucus and dander deposited around the eye. 


Sterile and preservative-free eye gel for the lashes and eyelid for daily hygiene.

Recommended Use:

Apply 2 times per day. 1) Place a nut on a compress 2) before a mirror, gently apply the compress on the eyelids and on the base of the eyelashes, eye closed. 3) pass deilcatement the compress on the eye and the base of the eyelashes. Gently massage movements circulars. 4) remove the rest of the product with a clean compress.


Aqua, poloxamer 188, PEG-90, carbomer, sodium hydroxide.Does not contain parabens or fragrances.


30g pump bottle.