Bledilait 2nd Age 800g milk


SKU 8133574 Bledilait 2nd Age 800G milk


Bledilait 2nd age of BLÉDINA, milk powder for infants 6 to 12 months that facilitates the transition from breast to bottle. New format but same formula the BLÉDINA laboratory designed infant food with ingredients iss

Using advice:

Dilute a teaspoon measure shave for 30ml little mineralized water. Before and after opening keep the box closed somewhere cool and dry. After opening use the powder within a period of 3 weeks.


Skimmed milk, maltodextrins, vegetable fat (Palm, coconut, colza, sunflower), lactose, whey partially demineralized, protein hydrolyzed serum, taurine, inositol, bifidobact, ferments, emulsifier: soya lecithins,.


Box of 800g